Life at Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean Group recognizes that its success depends not only on recruiting but also retaining the right people by encouraging and facilitating them to reach their career life goals with full potential.

Our equal treatment for every employee fosters a culture of co-operation as well as mutual respect everywhere we work and enhances the high quality of our products and services. Our companies recruit candidates on merits. To get the best candidates for our various businesses, we consider and select applicants from all sectors of the community.

Our diverse workforce is a direct reflection of how ardently we have followed this rule. We do, however, recognize the need of having the skill levels and knowledge by all employees to the roles they perform in the group since our objective is to deliver the quality of services to the highest level that our clients expect.

Staff Annual Get Together

Blue Ocean has been following a practice of organizing an annual family get together dinner dance celebration for staff members and their families. This event is held at the end of every year towards the seasonal holidays. Through this event we recognize and award long standing employees with excellent performance during the course of that year.

The event also highlights our annual achievements and recognize staff who have contributed to the success of the Blue Ocean Group during the year. In a nutshell, this annual gathering of staff and their families is cherished as a very memorable event.

Staff Annual Trip

Blue Ocean continues to encourage staff members & improve their career life by organizing an annual trip and activity day-outs. Our Management, believes in employee satisfaction and motivation. In order to encourage such factors, the company organizes activity workshops such as construction debate programs, industrial change games and motivational talk shows at this annual trip.

Staff Insurance and Medical Facilities

The construction industry focuses on the tasks of contractors, sub-contractors and workers that come together to provide the final product to a client. That product can include the construction of a new building structure, repairing the current structure etc. With so many pieces in play at any given time during a project, there is the potential for harm.

Therefore, it is important that an Insurance Policy is in place for Construction site workers. As a responsible Employer with many on-going projects, Blue Ocean Residencies has invested in an Insurance Policy with Ceylinco Insurance.

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