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Blue Ocean Group Positioned Financially, Operationally, and Culturally to Transform the Construction and Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate Giant is All Geared Up to Meet Any Challenges from the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has defied most economic predictions and taken a toll on the global economy, with a significant effect on most industries. While the world has not yet fully emerged from the pandemic, it is definitely in a better state than the previous years. This is true to most industries as well as the real estate and the construction sector which were braving the waves of uncertainty the pandemic has brought forth.

The Blue Ocean Group's Proven Steps to Inspire Confidence and Seize New Growth

The specialty of the Blue Ocean group is that having foreseen these challenges, the group has set a clear strategic path, set by professionally qualified and experienced corporate planners under the leadership of its chairman Mr. Sivarajah Thumilan. As a result, the group is now geared to provide to the needs and wants of the different social groups almost intuitively and in the long run, support the government in its quest for self-sufficiency even amidst the crippling hurdles thrown by the pandemic and the global economy. It continues to play to its strengths and reshape its strategies, including investing in markets where the government is committed to long-term infrastructure programmes and choosing to exclude regions and sectors which cannot provide profitable, low-risk growth. Despite these challenges, the Blue Ocean Group has continued on its policy of offering quality apartments at reasonable prices to the general public and foreign investors.

The Group is also aware of the industry being riddled with unscrupulous builders who adopt a “hit and run” approach with their projects. Lack of qualifications, competent staff, sufficient experience, finances, or access to good quality building materials have led to this attitude which in turn results in higher cost and time over-runs, culminating with customer disappointment. The vision of the Blue Ocean Group is “To be the most highly respected and ethical company in the industry,” standing as a stark contrast to such builders and safeguarding the ethics in the industry, being true to their dedication to Integrity, Quality, Discipline, Flexibility, Safety, and Service. The Group’s priority is executing their already strong order book which is foreseen to drive attractive cash generation and returns in years to come, providing the group a strong foundation to stand on.

The Group’s dedication to build, maintain, protect and enhance their reputation as the most ethical, efficient, and trusted company among their employees, clients, customers, supply chain partners, investors, and the community at large has safeguarded their position in the market as pioneers and trailblazers in the industry, while their robust approach to corporate responsibility, has ensured delivery of the highest quality within budget. Their strong and sturdy foundation built over many years of trust, dedication, loyalty, and steadfastness are what help them stand strong even in the face of the storms that an unstable economy brings.

Link Engineering – The Construction Giant Since 1981 Reach Beyond the Best

Link Engineering, a proud member of Blue Ocean Group of Companies, is a household name in Sri Lanka and is one of the first few construction companies in the country with experience spanning over four decades. Having been recognized with many awards for their construction excellence over the years, Link Engineering has undertaken a number of successful government and non-government projects in the past and continues to forge ahead in its trailblazing journey, keeping in line with their promise of quality, stability, and integrity.

The company currently has a number of condominium projects as well as a variety of public and government projects such as hospitals and universities under its wing that have been entrusted to the group.

Redefying the Real Estate and Construction Industry

Developers in Sri Lanka, including the Blue Ocean Group, are in collaboration with the Urban Development Authority to introduce new laws and reforms to increase foreign investment in the real estate sector, and with the government stepping in to the equation it is expected to bring about the unprecedented advantages to the industry and the country’s economy as a whole.

Since the new regime came into power, it introduced some of the lowest corporate tax rates in Southeast Asia. Reduced bank rates, increase in resident visa duration, and encouraging Cryptocurrency are some of those measures that have seen results in encouraging foreign investment in the real estate and construction industry.

Blue Ocean Group Reaches beyond the Best

To achieve our vision, we have to build, maintain, protect and enhance our reputation as the most ethical, efficient, and trusted company among our employees, clients, customers, supply chain partners, investors, and the community at large. Lead by Management, our robust approach to corporate responsibility, has ensured delivery of the highest quality on time and under budget.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, our mark of excellence is right beside you. As one of the largest companies in the country, Blue Ocean Group provides products and services that are in touch with you every day. This would not have been possible without the vision or values that drive our business as we work to keep the world’s fastest growing economy moving forward.

We operate under sound corporate governance and carrying out our business dealings with honesty and transparency in an ethical manner. That is why our customer base is expanding daily and our businesses are thriving locally and globally.

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