Contribution towards Sustainable Environment

Environmental sustainability is the ability to maintain the qualities that are valued in the physical environment.

Sustainability issues arise wherever there is a risk of difficult or irreversible loss of things or qualities of the environment that people value. Whenever there are such risks, there is a degree of urgency to take action.

In Sri Lanka, the ethology of Chronic Kidney Disease is uncertain and has spread widely in the Dry Zone. However, the disease is attributed to several causative factors including high use of agrochemicals and hard water which include high levels of Calcium and Fluoride, and presence or absence of certain chemical compounds. (Eg: high levels of Arsenic and Cadmium, low levels of Selenium).

Evidence shows

  • High level of Arsenic, Cadmium in humans
  • High levels of Calcium and fluoride in the water
  • Presence of Agrochemicals residues in humans
  • Excessive and indiscriminate use of agrochemicals

In a bid to build a healthier Sri Lanka and the keen interest of His Excellency the President, the eradication and prevention of chronic kidney disease spreading specially in 10 districts led to the establishment of the Presidential Task force on Prevention of Kidney Disease of uncertain ethology. Primary Objective of the task force is to manage the chronic kidney disease of unknown ethology (CKDU) and prevent further spreading with the coordination of respective authorities and ensure awareness, preventive and welfare measures are in place to the benefit of the effected community.

Contribution to the Society

Blue Ocean has not only prioritized in the construction and marketing their Luxury condominiums, they have also opened a new accounting school for students interested in majoring in Business Studies named KBBS Campus (Knowledge Based Business Studies) to give a comfortable education to students who are keen on learning from the leading professional lecturers in the field and get practical skills and with theoretical knowledge in a working environment to give the students experience.

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